Document Preservation Chatbot using Natural Language Processing

Gita Sastria, Umi Asma’ Mohtar, Masnizah Mohd, Astried Astried, M. Hardi Raiz


Documents are a massive unstructured resource with rapid growth every day that can be used for retrieved information to get knowledge. A chatbot is a human-machine interaction model that applies an artificial intelligence approach as an intelligent engine to communicate with humans using natural language. With the tremendous expansion in the mobile device demand over the last decade, chatbots are becoming a more common way to interact with a human. Their popularity and adoption are steadily expanding. These mobile devices are changing how we communicate and allowing learning in various environments. This study examined chatbot as document preservation as an alternative method for storing documents as knowledge in the information technology era. We have built a chatbot based on natural language processing techniques to change the unstructured document form into structured and then preserve it as knowledge. Results show that chatbots that are part of the instant messaging application are still in their early stages to become an alternative method for document storage. The findings provide with user acceptance level at 50% respondents very agree, 34% respondents agree, and 16% disagree that application can help provide information to the users.

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