The Effect of MYOB Test Clinic Toward Student Competence

Suharyono Suharyono, Husni Mubarak


The objective of this study to prove the effect of the implementation of MYOB test clinic on improving student competence in the D4 (Diploma) Public Accounting Study Program. The data used in this study are primary data obtained from questionnaires. Respondents of this study were 52 students of D4 Accounting Public Accounting Study Program. The data analysis method used is multiple regression statistical analysis. Based on the evaluation results of the MYOB test clinic, the average value obtained increased from 48 before to 74 or an increase of 52%. The results showed that the method variables, material, and instructor of MYOB test clinic had no effect on the competence of students in the D4 Public Financial Accounting Study Program. The contribution of MYOB test clinic's method, material, and instructor variables on student competence is only 1.9% and the remaining 98.1% is influenced by other variables.

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