Characteristic of Old Shop Houses Façade in Selatpanjang City as Character of Waterfront City

Pedia Aldy, Wahyu Hidayat


Selatpanjang city is a part of trade development since Siak empires. The trading areas were started from waterfront to the Ahmad Yani, Merdeka, and Imam Bonjol corridor. This was marked by appearance of shop houses around. Generally, this building is combining residential and commercial were typically used for business and trading. The purpose of this research is to analyze and understand the characteristics of the old shop houses façade.  The  method  used  is  qualitative  descriptive  by  analyzing  façade  element,  façade composition, and building profile. The result shows that there is architectural assimilation between Chinese, Colonial, and local. The typical building façade characteristics will be a reference of preservation corridor development in the future.

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