Factors in Evaluating and Selecting Processes For Software Products: A Review

Ahmad Fadli Saad, Liyana Shuib


The evaluation and selection approach of a software product is very important and within the scope of enterprise decision making since a large amount of money has to be spent on software procurement in the organization. With the hope that the investment will generate value by using software products in an organization, software product needs to be selected based on user requirements to solve specific business problems. Making the wrong choice of software products will result in uncertainty consequences such as the increase in cost, delay in the project schedule and project failure. The most important is the benefit from the total amount of money that the organization invests in purchasing of software products. However, the evaluation and selection processes of the selecting suitable software for the organization which is complex and time-consuming. This study provides a review of the activities and factors that the organization has to take into account in the evaluation and selection process of software products. The consideration factors sought from this study can be used by the organization as a guideline in the evaluation and selection process planning of acquiring software products.

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