Diversity and Heavy Metal Tolerance of Filamentous Fungi Isolated from Polluted Area in Kelantan, Malaysia

Noor Afiza Badaludin, Nurul Shafiqah Ihsam, Noraniza Awang Jaya, Saiful Iskandar Khalit, Muhammad Hailmi Sajili


Chemical methods are widely used in heavy metal detoxification, but the cost of management and maintenance is high. Besides, the usage of chemical still can give side effects to the environment and posed a serious health to human. There are several studies have proven that fungi have potential in heavy metal detoxification. The study was conducted to investigate the fungi that have been isolated from polluted area and have tolerance toward heavy metal. A total of 17 species fungi have been isolated by Direct Plating Techniques and screened in cadmium sulfate with different concentration. The concentration of cadmium sulfate in the range from 0 µM to 1000 µM was used to screen the 17 species. The most tolerant fungus out from the 17 species fungi was successfully identified as Trichoderma sp.. The study showed that fungus have potential as a bioagent to detoxify heavy metal, thus can reduce the cost of management as well as can avoid serious threat to the environment and human health.

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